Books for Growth & Healing

Books for Growth and Healing

Knowledge is power - 
 and knowing how to positively improve your moods, your relationships,
and your life is perhaps the most valuable of treasures - affecting every aspect of your life, business, and future.

Two Powerful Resources

Counseling Bookstore

Sunlit Bookshelves - Counseling Library

First, the Counseling Bookstore is a rich treasure trove of information - with books carefully hand-picked and topically organized by Carrie to help clients with every conceivable problem - from depression and anxiety, to parenting and marriage, to pornography and abuse.  

These are the books that Carrie has assigned to clients for decades, to help strengthen and expedite the healing process.  

Your Happiness Toolkit

Book on Depression Recovery - Your Happiness Toolkit

Second, Your Happiness Toolkit: 16 Strategies for Overcoming Depression, and Building a Joyful, Fulfilling Life is a book Carrie wrote for her clients and others, drawing together "the best of the best" in terms of strategies for healing and growth. 

This book contains all of the major strategies and principles Carrie addresses in therapy, and is a helpful resource for those in therapy, as well as for those seeking tools for independent self-help.


At Morning Light Counseling, one of the most fundamental goals is to help you learn how to help yourself, and those you love - both short-term, to resolve whatever problem you came in the door with; and also longterm, to help you develop strengths and skills that can serve you and your loved ones for a lifetime, through whatever challenges may come. 

To help achieve this goal, books are used as a powerful resource to expedite learning, growth, and healing.   While therapy typically only lasts for one hour per week, there are many hours of learning and growth packed into books - that you can use between sessions to help yourself heal more quickly, deeply, and effectively.  

Books are also a great resource when therapy is concluded, to remind you of what you have learned, and to help you continue building positive new skills and abilities over time. 

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